Automated trading

How do the automations work?

Bullioo Capital runs a series of automations on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Each automation makes trades on one or more pairs in the FX market.  We tune the automations so that they hedge each other’s trades where appropriate and cover a spread of different trading styles and pairs.  These automations trade twenty-four hours, five days a week. On the off days, we tune the automations based on trends in the market, and the previous month(s) trading.

We call this tuning “curve combining” and we adjust this and other risk factors on the automations weekly, so we keep abreast of changing market conditions to manage the trade risks.

For example, the graphs below show how four automations’ return curves are combined to smooth out the volatility to product the return curve on the right.

Return Combining

IT Infrastructure

Bullioo Capital’s automations are executed on native high performance hardware platforms based in New York physically adjacent to Pepperstone’s own Equinix data centre.  In the event of failure, we fall back to a data centre in London, and if London fails we fall back to Singapore.  Our MDA master trading account settings are backed up to a multi-point, multi geographic file store.